What is the Server IP Address?

Why Can't I access the Server?

It is probably Under Maintenance or Experiencing Difficulties.


Who is The Server Admin?

There are Two Server Admins and they are Phoenix_Mawson1 and multimoron1.

What should I do if I see Someone Grief

Tell an Admin or Moderator Immediately or if an Admin or Moderator isn't online then try and get a screenshot and post it on the forums.

How do I get Ranked Up?

 Please Read the Ranks/Groups Section of this Website.

Why Was I kicked/banned from The Server?

You were probably Causing trouble on the Server.

How Do I get Unbanned?

You will Need to post and unban Request on the Forums and have it Accepted.

What do I do if A Higher Rank is Using his/her Powers inappropriately?

Tell An Admin or Moderator Immediately or post it on the Forums.

What is the Default Game mode of the Server

The default Game mode is Survival.

Why do some People have Creative Mode?

Because it has been to them by An Admin or Moderator.

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