How Ranks Are Earned: Some ranks are earned easily but some are not. The easiest Rank to get is the Wizard. When you first join the server you will notice that you are a Muggle. As soon as you purchase a wand, and Admin or Moderator or in other words a Ministry of Magic Worker, Headmaster or Head of Ministry of Magic will be told that you have purchased a wand and you will eventually be promoted to a Wizard, Depending on your gender. To get the chance to earn the rank of a professor you will need to experience time at Hogwarts. The time you spend at Hogwarts will depend on how well you go at the School. To get the chance to be any rank past Proffessor you will need to have been in all ranks under it.


Rank One (Muggle)

Rank Two (Wizard/Witch)

Rank Three (Professor)

Rank Four (Ministry of Magic Worker)

Rank Five (Headmaster)

Rank Six (Head of The Ministry of Magic)


All Ranks Are Currently (Not) Configured. Sorry for Any Inconvenience.